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The Venice Biennale'20
Egyptian Pavilion



First it was our food. Now whole neighborhoods are being styled to look good on social media. But by viewing the world through a screen, do we miss the bigger picture?

Until fairly recently, most people in the world grew up, lived out their lives, and died within 10 or 20 miles of where they were born. To them, their communities meant what they had always known – families and neighbors, familiar places, a daily rhythm, social systems and customs they understood, work they had done

since childhood. Now, with emigration and greater physical and social mobility, many of the world’s people find themselves in places far from home, living in communities defined not by common acquaintance, knowledge, and culture, but by geography or economics. Rather than knowing their neighbors from childhood, they may not know their neighbors at all

Design: CAI DESIGN STUDIO in collaboration with Amin Osama

Category: Architecture & Exhibition Design

Area: 160 m²

Location: Cairo, Egypt  

Year: 2019

Material: Multiple Mediums


This Project was done by CAI in Partnership with Amin Osama.