Puzzles Showroom

The definition of Puzzles is something that we have to think about carefully in order to do it well

Puzzles is not only a puzzle game, but also a process, which is all the trends that people experience in modern life. Puzzles witnessed a persistent transition from online to on-ground, using a dominant local material to the extreme of ingenuity regarding its power.

Puzzles Showroom is designed to advocate a trendy harmonious and functional space balancing between art and design, softly fabricated furniture and timely products. In the dimension of infinite extension of 2019 and interior space, the interpretation of puzzles is no longer a short mystery, but is endowed with more transparent meanings.

Creating a largely giant geometric display stands intersect with imposing steel archways in this newly-opened in Alex, Designed to be both "unexpected and immersive". The space features a mix of Instagrammable and surrealist features.

The practice wanted to reach a balance between art, displayed products and architecture, by exploring the materials roughness and rustic character, which manages to be contemporary at the same time.

The concept is based on the interpretation of the free plan, a fluid and continuous design that incorporates different spaces without setting any barriers

The space has then been loosely divided by a series of poly-carbonate sheets constructed with white metal frames.

This atmosphere is created through the juxtaposition of textures and colors as well as an abundance of plants integrated throughout the space. Walls and decorative elements have been manufactured manually with local materials, and some of them have gone beyond being a CAI design to become window pieces, counters and display shelves.

The underlying idea for the design was to synthesize architecture and display, using the whole space as a stage for Puzzles Egypt production. Unconventional materials were used, emphasizing this relationship and pulling away from the typical jewelry store.

Design and Built: CAI DESIGN STUDIO 

Category: Interior Design, Exhibition Design 

Area: 56 m²

Location: Alexandria, Egypt 

Year: 2019

Material: Local Manufactured Poly-Carbonate   

Implementation Budget: 2500 $ approx.

Duration: 2 weeks 

Cinematography: Fady Hesham 

Photography: CAI Team