Sopra Le Nuvole A sky-view Restaurant/Bar Designed by CAI DESIGN STUDIO, Located on the 122th floor of Burj khalifa tower, The 250 person restaurant floating above the clouds of Dubai's downtown. In a venue of mixture of mid-century aesthetic and a contemporary roman spirit.


The (Baby piano by Based Upon Studio) perfectly complemented by the light sky palette of blues and whites of the leather and fabric of the rug and the mid-century furniture integrated with a shallow reflected water surface creating a formation of Swan Lake ballet show.​​​​​​​


The moon-themed Chandelier floating above the water surface originally designed by CAI DESIGN STUDIO,  to blend into Dubai's sky, Reflecting on the water surface to create a remarkable dining experience at night.​​​​​​​


The 8 meter height white arcades, the giant faded roman female statue and the feather floor lamps  in an artistic abstraction brings back to life the monolithic theme of the ancient temples, Using dark wall throughout the inner side of the lobby lounge, Creating an oak black backdrop inlaid with glowing stars illumination.